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Different ways to earn free Bitcoin on Wonderland Coin!

  1. Wonderland Coin Game

    Feed the Wonderland Critters and get wonderful rewards!

  2. Cloud Mining

    Find out about the best, trustworthy, cloud mining sites.

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    The best of the best faucets and websites to earn bitcoin!

What is Bitcoin?

  • Bitcoin is a new kind of money. It's the first decentralized electronic currency not controlled by a single organization or government. It's an open source project, and it is used by more than 100,000 people. All over the world people are trading hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of bitcoin every day with no middle man and no credit card companies. It's a startup currency which has never happened before. Bitcoin is the first digital currency that is completely distributed. The network is made up of users like yourself so no bank or payment processor is required between you and whoever you're trading with. This decentralization is the basis for Bitcoin's security and freedom.
  • What is a satoshi?

    A Satoshi is the smallest fraction of a Bitcoin that can currently be sent: 0.00000001 BTC, that is, a hundredth of a millionth BTC. In the future, however, the protocol may be updated to allow further subdivisions, should they be needed.

    Further examples of units
  • 1 BTC = 1,000 mBTC (millibitcoin)
  • 1 BTC = 1,000,000 μBTC (microbitcoin)
  • 1 BTC = 100,000,000 Satoshis
  • 1 mBTC = 100,000 Satoshis
  • 1 μBTC (microbitcoin) = 100 Satoshis
  • What is Wonderland Coin?

    Wonderland Coin is the whimsical faucet game where you can feed the Wonderland Critters and they will reward you with their friendship and Bitcoin rewards.

    Where can I get a wallet?

    There are two popular and secure wallets online - Coinbase and Xapo.

  • Copay- Use on any device! Super easy and sleek- You own the private keys!
  • Coinbase- User Friendly and you can buy Bitcoins.
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